Mittwoch, 22. Juni 2011

Some Betulayamadori out of 2011

Dies sind Birkenyamadori aus dem Frühjahr 2011. Sie stehen allesamt in purem Lavasubstrat, werden häufig gedüngt und stehen nach Möglichkeit in praller Sonne. So wie es Birken eben mögen :-)

This are birches yamadori out spring 2011. Betula pubeszens as well as Betula verrucosa. They are planted in pure lava substrate, were often fertilised and stand in full solar exposition. They develop very well.

Esto es abedules yamadori del primavera 2011. Betula pubeszens así como Betula verrucosa. Ellos son plantados en la lava pura substrate, a eran menudo fertilizados y soporte en la llena exposición solar . Ellos se desarrollan muy bien.


Anonym hat gesagt…

What is the yellow flower in pictures 10 and 11 from the top, please?

It is good to know your favourite ditch is still yielding such delightful treasures! I admire #10.

avicenna hat gesagt…

I think its a kind of Phlox ... look here, perhaps you are able to translate it