Freitag, 20. September 2013

Pinus sylvestris yamadori out of 2010 pottet on a rockbowl made by myself , wiring and styled for the first time.

Montag, 2. September 2013

Taxus baccata yamadori 2008

Whats about this Taxus ? After a period of 4 worse years this Taxus is on its way back to life. Mother Naure has done the whole work herself, Fungus has passed the bark and the wood of those parts which made a refuse of the "Livingjuice" ( I dont know the english word for that). Now I  shaped and wire a little bit the branches , did the deadwoodcarving and let it rest for the wintertime. In spring I will change the pot and when vitality still remains I will do further steps.

now I reduced the follige , put it into a new pot filled with lava split up to 1-4 mmm in diameter. On top there is a thin layer with old "horseshit".