Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2012

Ulmus minor

This Ulmus minor is a yamadori out of 2010. Its not the wright time to replant a tree, I know , but the roots weren't touched ... it is only took from one pot in an other. It rested now in a greenhouse (cold without a heater) so I think it doesn't bother it ...

Este Ulmus minor es un yamadori de 2010. Ese no el  correcto tiempo para plantar de nuevo un árbol, que sé, pero las raíces no fueron tocadas... sólo es tomó de un pote en un otro. Descansó ahora en un invernadero (frío sin un calentador) entonces creo que esto no lo molesta...

Mittwoch, 26. Dezember 2012

Another Larix kaempferi

This Larch I collektet in 2009 and I didn't know how to deal with the length and the great shari it has, so I planted it on a rockbowl and bend the top to curl the trunk a little bit.What do you think about this special habitus?
Este Alerce que coleccioné en 2009 y yo no sabía como tratar con la longitud y gran shari que esto tiene, entonces lo planté en un maceta de roca y doble la cumbre para rizar el tronco un poquito. ¿Qué piensa usted en este habitus especial?

Dienstag, 25. Dezember 2012

Larix kaempferi ...the snake

This larch I dug out several years ago as a young and flexible plant. I bended it around a wodden stick for getting a snakewinded form. Now it was time to set it into a pot. Of course the apix isn't like it is in nature but its very special and distinctiv. I think that the top will get a rounder shape and it will fit the whole appearence. If not there will be many options to cut it and the green parts will strenghten the tree in the meantime .

Lonicera xylosteon yamadori 2011

This lonicera hasn't established well after yamadori. The new sprouts dry and most of the wooden trunk either. So I let it grow free for one year, bend the branches and thats what it looks after this period ... deadwood with fungus ;-)
Este lonicera no ha establecido mucho después yamadori. Los nuevos brotes secan y la mayor parte del tronco de madera tampoco. Entonces le dejo ponerse libre durante un año, doblar las ramas y thats lo que esto cuida de este período... madera muerte con el hongo ;-)

Crataegus monogyna yamadori 2011

This crataegus is a yamadori of 2011. For two years it grows in a plasticcrate in lavasubstrate. Its Nebari is not very stunning, so I planted it on a rockbowl to cover this leck. The thin roots are established well and so the new plantation was not any stress for the tree. I hope that it should establish in the spring 2013 nicly and perhaps I can see the first blossom.
Este crataegus es un yamadori de 2011. Durante dos años crece en un plasticcrate en lavasubstrate. Su Nebari no es muy aturdidor, entonces lo planté en un rockbowl para cubrir este leck. Las raíces finas son establecidas bien y entonces la nueva plantación no era ninguna tensión para el árbol. Espero que se ponga esencial en la primavera 2013 y quizás puedo ver la primera flor.

Samstag, 20. Oktober 2012

This Pinus isn't already styled by now, only rough settings of the branches. All needels has to get piced in spring and the branches will be wired . I hope the whole movement will set an harmonis impression with the rockbowl at least. A Bunjingi pine in a rocky landscape.

Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2012

This pine is a yamadori out of 2007. It is out of a swampyaerea which is a typical landscape -point of were I live.

All branches are wired now, the needels are reduced ... I think this is now on the wright way.

Montag, 17. September 2012

Hermano y hermana Picea abies yamadori out of 2009

This is a yamadori out of 2009. It has been time in September now to style and cut back the vital growth and wire all branches. It is a station in between . My aim is to create a more lighter tree wich looks more mature than it looks now. Therefore I will style more negative space between the branches. For me the cutting back was a very hard way to go ... but it has to be done. The Picea is vital and I hope it will sprout back in next spring while more light will catch the branches ...

This was the tree after 3 years of free growing , vital with many new buds but to dense for a propper rebudding.

 I did the deadwood part by making jins ... this was the first approach ...but simply too dense

The top has been too spiky so I jined it to make the crown more even ...

In zhis shape it will go in winter and I hope next spring it will sproud and rebud enough to make more negativ spaces in future. I think it will more mature than ...

This is how it looks now ...