Sonntag, 29. Dezember 2013

Juniperus squamata 'meyeri' - basic before wirering

This Juniperus is a fat one and I will o the final wireing. I put it in the final pot, took some rockmodules on to create a landscape, rockenviroment.

Este Juniperus es uno gordo y ahora haré la estilización final. Lo puse en el pote final, tomó algún rockmodules en crear un paisaje rocoso

This it has been before  ... I divide the main trunk in 3 parts and let it grow for one year

 Now it is bend beneth the trunk to make it smaler and compact.
 The rocks made a scenery of a mountain-aerea ...


Donnerstag, 26. Dezember 2013

Lonicera xylosteon yamadori 2010

This Lonicera xylosteon didn't make branches out of its trunk so I were used to bend the new ones as subtrunks to the deadwood parts. I think in a few years this one will be a nice thick tree.

Este Lonicera xylosteon no hizo ramas de su tronco por tanto era usado para doblar nuevo como subtroncos a las partes del muerte madera . Pienso en unos años éste será un árbol grueso agradable.

 At the left side you can see a one €-coin for messering the size ...

Freitag, 20. Dezember 2013

Larix kaempferi not yet ready for final styling

This larch is on is way . One root was vital when I dug it out. It was a larch out of a Larix-Hedge and this one here is about 60 years old. I cut the trunk just beneth the upper root which is seen on the Picture and it Ends just on the bottom of the pot. Some rare roots are grown by now, so I choose the way to srew the living root onto the trunk. The branches are by now not styled finaly cause of letting the tree as most of green mass as possible for getting strong and vital and build perhaps new roots at the cuttingzone just beneth the bottom.
Therefor the Styling didn'end by now ... the deadwood parts I will start in the springtime for better healing ...

Este alerce está en el camino. Una raíz era esencial cuando la desenterré. Era un alerce de un Larix-seto y éste aquí tiene aproximadamente 60 años. Corté el tronco sólo cerca de la raíz superior que se ve en el Cuadro y él finales sólo en el fondo del pote. Algunas raras raíces  se cultivan ya, por tanto elijo la manera de doblar la raíz viva en el tronco. Las ramas no se diseñan ya finalmente causa de dejar al árbol el más la mayor parte de la masa verde posible para hacerse fuertes y esenciales y construyen quizás nuevas raíces en el cuttingzone sólo en las partes del fondo.
En esto sence la Estilización didn'end ya... las Partes I del personal inútil comenzarán en la primavera la mejor curación...

Sonntag, 10. November 2013

Sharioak yamadori out of 2008

This is a quercus robur a typical oak in this aerea . It's a yamadori out of 2008. Now  after a long period I think its established in his rockbowl. The time will bring more maturity ...
Now it will be packed in his winterstorage under a big cover of oakleaves which I have in mass in my garden because of 3 great oaks in it :-)
I think it has a little bit of a fairytailtree , or not ? :-)

The early winter 2013

In june 2013 at its point in my garden

In fall (November)2013 ...

Here you see a coin 1 € in front for measering the size ...

Sonntag, 3. November 2013

Hedge Larix kaempferi yamadori out of 2009

This Larix is one out of 5 wich I gug out of an Larixhedge in 2009. First of all the surviving was the first point of view because the roots were very bad and this one here has had only one root and I cut the trunk wright beneth this first sideroot. So all the years it only has to survive ...and so it did ;-). Yesterday I prepared a shariaerea, burned the deadwood very hard and prepared some lines with the sidiaotechnic. All over the now sharieaerea I have had living bark ... so everything is "new deadwood".
The wireing and arrangement of the leaving branches ( most of them I cut away ) is in form of a uneven triangle as you see. The rockbowl is filled with lavasubstrate of diameter of 4 mm ...the pot is now a littel bit to large, but I think it helps for catching Vitalitiy in the next years. Agressiv feeding will help to get shabamiki ( maturity ) in the following time.


Mittwoch, 30. Oktober 2013

Pinus sylvestris "Father and son" ...

This two were twisted out  of their pot during a storm ...named "Christian" two days ago. So I take the chamce to give it a new rockbowl , style the Nebarizone and the naturalistic envoroment and wire branches etc..
It was the first styling ...I take up the bark in the contact between both and srew both parts together so that they can grow together finaly.

Just wright after the storm ...
the Nebariparts are too open and the roots have no beding in fantasy ...

I cut the long Needles and take them into a new rockbowl ...

The substrate above is Lava in smal diameter , between rockmodules and some saxifraga ...

Then I wired and during looking the pictures I dicide to bend the lower branch of the "Father" behind so that the habitus of the greenpart is a uneventriangle ...
This is a paintual with reducing the lower branch of the "Father" ...


Donnerstag, 24. Oktober 2013

Juniperus chinensis var. blaauws at a coastline

This Juniperus is planted on a rockszenerie which should produce the imagination of a rocklandscape at a coastline ... perhaps the beautiful places on the isle of Corse ( calanches). The tree isn't styled by now while he stood for a long time on a flat plate so I have to wait til he is vital again.

Este Juniperus se planta en un rockszenerie que debería producir la imaginación de un rocklandscape en una línea de la costa... quizás los sitios hermosos a la isla de Corse (calanches). El árbol no se diseña ya mientras estuvo de pie mucho tiempo en un plato llano por tanto tengo que esperar el raices al vital otra vez.

Mittwoch, 16. Oktober 2013

Ulmus minor Yamadori out of 2010

This Ulmus I dug out 2010. Now the roots are very fine beneath the trunk and I set it into another pot which fits its habitus better I think. All the branches are not wired until now. Next year I will let it grow free for thicker branches and perhaps I will wire some to get more stages and a fuller crown with negativ-spaceaereas ... We will see how it takes its way :-)

This is it in 2013

even this is 2013

in 2012

in 2010 at the beginning with a dead inner trunkstump

soon after yamadori

Montag, 14. Oktober 2013

This larch is one out a hedge which was about 55 years old when I dug it. One root is living and for airlayering it is to old I think. The base of the trunk is ok and perhaps the root will grow onto the trunk. I prepared the bark, take a cut in and screw it near to the Kambium ... perhaps it will fit , so I didn't need to take other options.
This year it grew free in a pot, now I planted it into a drumpot and next spring I will style it like a bunjingi with more than 3 branches ;-) ...


This will be the frontside. It is in a round pot and changing the plantingangle is very easy ...