Sonntag, 3. November 2013

Hedge Larix kaempferi yamadori out of 2009

This Larix is one out of 5 wich I gug out of an Larixhedge in 2009. First of all the surviving was the first point of view because the roots were very bad and this one here has had only one root and I cut the trunk wright beneth this first sideroot. So all the years it only has to survive ...and so it did ;-). Yesterday I prepared a shariaerea, burned the deadwood very hard and prepared some lines with the sidiaotechnic. All over the now sharieaerea I have had living bark ... so everything is "new deadwood".
The wireing and arrangement of the leaving branches ( most of them I cut away ) is in form of a uneven triangle as you see. The rockbowl is filled with lavasubstrate of diameter of 4 mm ...the pot is now a littel bit to large, but I think it helps for catching Vitalitiy in the next years. Agressiv feeding will help to get shabamiki ( maturity ) in the following time.


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