Mittwoch, 29. Oktober 2014

Chamaecyparis obtusa nana gracilis

This one is for about 30 years in my collection. It was a yamadori out of a garden and the owner said stood there for about 20 years and nothimg happend with it ;-) So is an old fellow ...

A member of the german bonsai-fachforum ( ) did this virtual. I think I will make it ;-)

Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2014

Betula verrucosa bunjingi

Last year I have had one bunjingipot here and it was empty , not filled with a tree ...that is a Situation that couldn't exist in my brain ;-).So on a Betula -yamadoritour last year I took this raw Betula in the Pot and bend the trunk with a thick wire. Now in my actinionism I wired the tree and here it is ...after one year after yamadori .

Sonntag, 19. Oktober 2014

Donnerstag, 16. Oktober 2014

A little bit nature-art with my Picea abies

Whats about this as photo-art -nature-art with naturalistik styled trees ...not Bonsai

Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2014

Fagus sylvatica 2 years after yamadori

This one I piced up 2 years ago . I always thinking about some spots in the French Jura where some stunning Fagus grow and where cows always make bonsaipruning jobs ...o.k. not the wright place and always the wrong time and distances I couldn't make at one Weekend ...;-(
so what - I have to look here for some stuff ... Time will come :-) ...

now ist ready for autum

Pinus sylvestris ready for autum

Before ... October 2014

After yamadori 2009

After Styling october 2014

 bending the lower branch

 paintbrushing ...

 a Little Jin ...don't give up ;-) and loose a branch ;-)