Dienstag, 21. August 2012

Picea abies yamadori in april 2012 french yura

Yamadori in the french yura in April ... it was still snowing but its has been the best moment for digging out ...

the yamadori was palced on a surf board for transport in the snow ... it was much more easier to pull than as carriing ... ;-)

After yamadori it was planted in Lavasoil ...

Now in August ... sprouts after yamadori and now new buds for the next year where seen .. the health of the plant is ok. It stands in the shadow and next spring it will get a place in full sun. Until now only some branches where cut back ...


Philippe Leblanc hat gesagt…

This story is very interesting. Thank you for sharing.

We are confident about the survival of the tree, but what about the blue jacket that appears to have suffered a lot ... Is it well back into life at home ...? ;-)

avicenna hat gesagt…

Hey Philippe,
yes, while you are so kind not to offer it in ebay ;-) many thanks to Vero! It's still a part of my yamadoriequipment ;-)
The trees out of your aerea get names. The first one is called Faucille, and this one is named la Pillarde. I think it will not be the last ... we marked other Piceas at that spot and think forward for the next great trophy de club in geneve ;-)
kisses and hugs to your family