Sonntag, 17. Februar 2013

Betula verrucosa yamadori 2012

This birch is yamadori out of 2012. The sump area where I dug it is filled again with water and all birches growing there will die.
Now this is the first wireing. Which side will be the front view I will decide while looking at the further development .   Este abedul es yamadori de 2012. El área del sumidero donde lo cavé está llena otra vez con el agua y todos los abedules que crecen allí morirán. Ahora esto es primer formation. Qué lado será la visión delantera decidiré mirando el siguiente desarrollo.  
 after yamadori 2012


Rasťo Moravčík hat gesagt…

Hallo Avicenna,
this will be a nice elegant tree.
I was told that birches don´t like to be pruned and wired in dormant period. It is better do this job in late april, or may, when the leaves are already out. Is it OK to do it now?
Just a beginner´s question. Thanks.
best regards

hoesy hat gesagt…

Top! Die wird gut!


avicenna hat gesagt…

Hello Rasto,
it's surly not a beginners question, my experiance is that you can wire birches in the wintertime but be sure to set them frostfree after wireing. I hope it will fit this time again ... next time I will take your advice ;-) Thanks