Sonntag, 29. Dezember 2013

Juniperus squamata 'meyeri' - basic before wirering

This Juniperus is a fat one and I will o the final wireing. I put it in the final pot, took some rockmodules on to create a landscape, rockenviroment.

Este Juniperus es uno gordo y ahora haré la estilización final. Lo puse en el pote final, tomó algún rockmodules en crear un paisaje rocoso

This it has been before  ... I divide the main trunk in 3 parts and let it grow for one year

 Now it is bend beneth the trunk to make it smaler and compact.
 The rocks made a scenery of a mountain-aerea ...



Anonym hat gesagt…

This, if it's really alpinum, will not live in the lowland. Only higher up in the mountains.

AM hat gesagt…

Nice composition avicenna

Regards from

Dietmar Popp hat gesagt…

@ Anonymus ... I think this a junipoerus communis alpinum and it grows for several years in my lowland-garden ... so what, it is vital and carries fruits ...:-)
@AM-Bonsai ...Hola y Muchas gracias por sus comentario ;-) thanks for your comment ;-)


Dietmar Popp hat gesagt…

@ Anonymus ... I take a look at my books ... I thinks ist a Juniperus squamata 'meyeri' ... so you were wright :-) ist not a J.alpina :-)