Sonntag, 7. Dezember 2014

Lonicera xylosteon yamadori out of 2012

This one has been a very old and huge shrub and I cut it back in nature. Then after a period of one year the whole of the branches grow and I dug it out 2012. Then two years it grows without cutting back in a pot. I only do deadwork by tearing out coarse textures of wood of the thick branches.
In spring I will prune the branches and let it the outfit of a shrub while thick branches missing by now.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Is it really so hard to get the taxonomic name right?!? Xylosteon my ass! Such errors overwhelm the bonsai world and give bonsai artists an aura of ignorance.

avicenna dp hat gesagt…

Well ok ;-) this is an easy way to tell whatkind of plant you have. Xyl is the sence what Kind of Wood it has and osteon gives you the sence that the Wood is like a bone (colour and Strukture) thats all. ;-)

saludos avicenna

avicenna dp hat gesagt…

Ok ..I did a mistake the name Lonicera xylosteum not so far from the Name I gave it ...but sorry ;-)