Samstag, 19. März 2011

Best yamadori on the 3.Hai Yama Ten in Münster

This larch wins its first price ... Best Yamadori of the 3. Hai Yama Ten in Ascheberg / Münster.

Take a look at


Rottihardy hat gesagt…

Hallo Dietmar, 1. Platz, absolute Spitze, herzlichsten Glückwunsch von Olivia u. Hardy!!!!!!!
Wir sehen uns.....................

Philippe Leblanc hat gesagt…

Congratulations to the Yamadori

Congratulations to the rock bowl.

And congratulation, to the creator of the both.

avicenna hat gesagt…

Thanks Philippe,
I was very surprised when I read this. My aim for the future is to make littel trees out of one branch near the rock above and one behind the tree by airlayering. The top part is too large and behind the branches are too dense , so I will create little larches with old bark and use them for the plants beside witch we use for exhibitions. Old tree and the younger one are the same tree :-)


Jere hat gesagt…

Congratulations! Very nice tree and combination with the plant pot, all very natural. Best regards!